Welcome to New Generation Power Systems

Welcome to New Generation Power Systems your specialists in power generation equipment rentals and sales. We are your hire company of choice based in Perth, Western Australia that provides power generation equipment to meet the needs of our customers no matter what the application statewide.

Examples of some of the applications we can provide, but not limited to:

Utility network support and emergency response,
Multiple generator load sharing

  • Fully automated unmanned load share and power managed stations,
  • Temporary site power for construction and mining,
  • Permanent site power,
  • Offshore oil and gas,
  • Integration with existing power stations,
  • Events i.e. concerts, festivals and sporting events,
  • Film and television,
  • Varying voltage and frequency applications,
  • Bore field power with automatic stop-start and
  • General hire.

Our technical personnel have many years of experience within the power generation industry and specialise in offering a customised service of power generation for hire. For projects, our hire machines are able to be custom built and designed in consultation with the client to meet the clients’ specific requirements and operational needs, such as size and type of machines and environmental conditions.

Fully packaged portable generator sets with the following design characteristics are available:
A fully bunded machine space,

  • Cables meeting load requirements,
  • Able to operate continuously for 20 hours at full load from onboard fuel,
  • Ability for remote fueling via a single fuel connection point,
  • Radiator make-up tank,
  • Extended service intervals,
  • Low maintenance batteries with lockable isolator,
  • External fuel gauge,
  • Low noise emission canopy and exhaust system,
  • 50-degree centigrade ambient cooling system,
  • The latest technology in fully integrated generator controllers,
  • Modem/Internet bridge facility built in for remote operation and monitoring,
  • Ability for remote alarm annunciation via SMS or e-mail,
  • Keyed alike access to compartments,
  • Forklift slots and lifting eyes for transportation and easy handling,
  • Internal storage space for barrier, stakes and connection equipment and
  • High reliability, fuel efficient low emission diesel prime movers.

Our range of equipment currently ranges from 20 to 1250kVA, all equipment 100kVA and above has our standard utility specification control system. All equipment is rated to run at ambient 50°C and is designed and built for Western Australian conditions.