Our Vision, Mission and Value is ‘To Provide Quality Products Supported by Quality Service'.

Together the New Generation Power Systems team is unsurpassed in their range of knowledge and ability in providing, setting up and maintaining the range of rental equipment offered by New Generation Power Systems anywhere in Australia. Our staff pride themselves in always being willing to apply themselves diligently, courteously and thoughtfully in the requests made of them.

Image of our generators in the field

Capability Statement:

Our core business is power generation and associated equipment such as switchboards, fuel systems, sub stations, installation and commissioning services. We can provide or source all equipment required for turnkey power generation packages, from concept to completion.

At all times we take a pragmatic and proactive approach in offering solutions to our customers. We maintain a fleet of rental generation equipment that is no older than 5 years or is under average run hours, this enables us to offer a high degree of reliability.

Our equipment is of our design, where we have purpose built into our design the flexibility to meet a wide range of applications and the toughness required for the harsh conditions faced throughout the W.A. regions. We have managed to perform on several projects and long term hires with very limited downtime. New Generation Power Systems prides itself in reliability and availability of our equipment; this is of the upper most importance to us.

Some of the applications we have been involved in to date include:

New Generation Power Systems aims to be your power generation of choice in hire. Our management team aim to provide an individualised and customised service throughout all of our operations. Our experience and expertise in the industry enables us to offer excellent opportunities in co-ventures supplying power generation to mining, small business, emergency response and events.

Our service personnel are highly trained and very experienced in the power generation and rental industry. We are confident we are able to diagnose and solve any on site issue quickly and efficiently, and have proven in the past this to be the case.

New Generation Power Systems management team has systems in place to ensure the companies sustainability into the future. Our management strategy and approach is strong with a firm direction in good governance, environmental considerations and safety and health practices.