Technology Innovation

Image of our Generators in the field New Generation Power Systems core business is power generation and associated equipment such as switchboards, fuel systems, sub stations, installation and commissioning services. We can provide or source all equipment required for turnkey power generation packages, from concept to completion.

Our equipment is of our design, where we have purpose built into our design the flexibility to meet a wide range of applications and the toughness required for the harsh conditions faced throughout the W.A. regions. We have managed to perform on several projects and long term hires with very limited downtime. New Generation Power Systems prides itself in reliability and availability of our equipment; this is of the upper most importance to us.

To complement our high service standard our equipment is easily configurable to allow remote access for monitoring and control. This can be achieved by direct dial up, Ethernet connection or over the internet. Email and or SMS alerts can also be configured to be sent to multiple users.

To achieve remote access, our machinery uses the latest in compact controllers that have a proven track record of service and reliability throughout the world. The capability of the controllers is as follows:

Our range of equipment currently ranges from 20 to 1250kVA, all equipment 100kVA and above has our standard utility specification control system. All equipment is rated to run at ambient 50°C.