Other Projects and Rental contacts

High Peak Demand

  • Support and supply of assets during high peak demand during summer periods and during maintenance periods. Our equipment complies with Western Power protection requirements for connection to the Perth power grid.

Integration with existing power stations

  • We have had equipment (550kVA) supporting remote Power Stations. The generators are running in parallel with the existing station which runs in droop load sharing.

Offshore oil and gas.

  • 2 x 315kVA generator sets are set up on a dredge to start and run 4 x 90kW submersible pumps.

Offshore oil and gas

  • 2 x 185kVA generator sets powering a service barge to work as part of the offshore Gas Project. The generators worked in a typical duty Stand-by configuration.

Utility network support and emergency response

  • Supply of 200kVA and 300kVA generators to run submarine rescue equipment. These jobs mainly require short term rentals at 60Hz 460 volt for rescue equipment testing with longer term off shore full scale exercises from time to time.