About Us

Our Vision, Mission and Value is:
‘To Provide Quality Products Supported by Quality Service’

About Us: We are your specialised Power Generation rental, hire, lease, sales company of choice based in Perth, Western Australia formed in 2008 that provides power generation equipment hire, rentals and specialty sales to Mining, Construction, Civil, Events, Film and General Hire to Small Business that meets the needs of our customers no matter what the application.

Our People:

Our technical personnel have many years of experience within the power generation industry and specialise in offering an innovative service to power generation. As our team are focused specialists we offer a customised service where our hire machines are able to be custom built and designed in consultation with the client to meet the clients’ specific requirements and operational needs.

Our basic philosophy can be summed up in a few dot points:

  • Quality products and quality service
  • Friendly, flexible approach to customer needs
  • Work in partnership with our customers
  • Being market efficient and competitive
  • Innovative in thinking, concepts and application
  • Our ongoing review of design and operation
  • Constant evaluation of technology
  • Safe work practices at all times
  • Strict maintenance regime as a means to maintain equipment quality and reliability


MANAGEMENT INITiATIVE – click to read further

New Generation Power Systems aims to be your power generation of choice in hire. Our management team aim to provide an individualised and customised service throughout all of our operations. Our experience and expertise in the industry enables us to offer excellent opportunities in co-ventures supplying power generation to mining, construction, civil, events, film and general hire to small business.

Strategy and Approach – click to read further

New Generation Power Systems management team has systems in place to ensure the companies sustainability into the future. Our management strategy and approach is strong with a firm direction in good governance, environmental considerations and safety and health practices.