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Your specialists in power generation equipment, rentals and specialist generator sales to:
Mining, Construction, Civil, Events, Film and General Hire to Small Business

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Check our multiple applications such as:

Concept: Utility network support and emergency/rapid response generators
Emergency and rapid response

  • Utility network support
  • Options for Solar Panel battery charging
  • Total generator and accessories deployment package

Concept: Construction and mining fully automated unmanned load share and power managed stations

  • Temporary site power for construction and mining
  • Permanent site power
  • Offshore oil and gas
  • Integration with existing power stations
  • Varying voltage and frequency applications
  • Bore field power with automatic stop start

Concept: Powering up events, concerts, festivals and sporting

  • Providing mobile, versatile generator units for events companies to power up applications
  • Providing temporary power

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Technology Innovation and Concept Company: Getting the right gear on the job and ensuring it operates as proposed

New Generation Power Systems holds pride in being new in thinking of power systems for today and developing new power systems for the future by:

  • Ongoing review of design and constant evaluation of technology
  • Supporting our name (New Generation) as being on the cutting edge of generator technology
  • Providing upgrades, modification and new ideas or responses to problems encountered in the field
  • Applying and developing concepts as specific requests from a customer
  • Providing expert advice and review of customer enquiry’s about choosing equipment