Technology Innovation

To complement our high service standard our equipment is easily configurable to allow remote access for monitoring and control. This can be achieved by direct dial up, Ethernet connection or over the internet. Email and or SMS alerts can also be configured to be sent to multiple users.

To achieve remote access, our machinery uses the latest in compact controllers that have a proven track record of service and reliability throughout the world. The capability of the controllers is as follows:


  • Able to be base loaded to an existing network system, initial set to 240/415 Vac at 50 Hz for peak lopping or voltage support,
  • Ability to be remotely started and stopped or automatic using in-built timers,
  • Able to reverse synchronise to an existing network system
  • to allow no-break transition of power after repairs/maintenance to existing network facilities,
  • Ability to be set up as an auto-mains fail backup with smooth transition to mains on network restoration,
  • Able to be used in multiple set configuration (up to 32 individual sets, more with duplicate addresses) as either a fully autonomous power managed island system or base loaded network system,
  • Able to be remotely controlled by a modem/internet bridge system to allow monitoring and control and will communicate faults that may occur during operation to a designated recipient via SMS or e-mail and
  • Each piece of equipment is able to communicate directly with other compatible pieces of equipment connected to it that ensures smooth energy delivery and stability to customers.

We pride our work in specialist generator sales where we concept and custom build generators to suit the clients requirements.
Examples of our custom builds are:

Concept: Generator custom fit out and framed for fitting into a ship and transported to an offshore rig.

Concept: Custom built control panels to suit the clients’ requirements